Richard Grell - Handmade Miniature Windsor Chairs

About Richard Grell

Since 1972, a completely self-taught and highly talented man, dedicated to fine woodworking in the style of America's 18th century craftsman, has been creating what are considered to be the finest handmade Windsor chairs available today. Grell is know for his unrivaled variety of Windsor styles and finishes.

After college, and a short career in the aerospace industry, Richard Grell followed his passion for woodworking and in 1972 became a Windsor chairmaker.

As a child Grell demonstrated incredible patience and a natural talent for woodworking. He credits his grandfather for recognizing these traits and nurturing his love of woodworking. "My grandfather would polish and sharpen antique tools for me as birthday gifts. I would receive a box wrapped with twine around it that contained an old tool. He taught me how to use and respect these tools. I use tools today to make my living that I received when I was four years old. I've taken care of them all of my life." Today that nurturing is reflected in the fact, as a one-man-shop, Grell is involved in every step of each chair's creation.  He does not buy parts.

Throughout his career as a master craftsman, Grell has been educating people about the history of Windsor chairs and their unique construction characteristics, by lecturing, seminars, and do to the high demand for his chairs, limited instruction.

A passion for woodworking, sharing his knowledge, and his exclusive woodworking and painting techniques, this master craftsman and educator teaches and shares his forty-nine years of experience in his inspiring workshop and beautiful home in historic Hudson, Ohio.

In 1985 Grell handmade a miniature Windsor Writing-arm chair for his wife as a gift for Christmas... and fell in love with the process and challenge of making a miniature chair. It was only recently that he added these unique Windsors to his shop. They are equally unique as his full size Windsors, especially since they are made with the same tools, methods, and woods.